It is rare we find a space or relationship in our lives which enables us to explore and make sense of the things that trouble us. We often fear judgement, being misunderstood or that the journey will be too painful.

To talk and share your story within a non-judgemental, compassionate and empowering relationship can be deeply healing. It enables you to tend to emotional wounds, gain insight and understanding, as well as develop new patterns and make important personal changes. This creates space for new perspectives, goals and healthier coping strategies to emerge.

You may feel unable to cope with present anxieties and challenges, are feeling depressed and stuck, or have found yourself facing difficult life changing circumstances. It may be that you want to understand how your early life, traumas or relationships impact you, or that you need a safe space to voice your thoughts and explore your emotions. Alternatively, your focus may be on gaining practical tools and resources to start working towards your goals and aspirations for the future.

Most importantly, you decide how to use the space and time for whatever feels important for you! There is no set way to ‘do counselling and coaching’, therefore it is my role to support you in finding what will be most helpful for you and where to start.

What can Counselling and Coaching support you with?

• Anxiety (generalised anxiety problems, panic attacks, phobias, social anxiety, claustrophobia)

• Workplace Issues (stress, work-life imbalances, low motivation/performance)

• Relationship Issues (breakups, divorce, affairs, choosing inappropriate partners, loneliness, life adjustments, arguments, jealousy)

• Depression (including suicidal thoughts, low moods, social withdrawal)

• Low self-esteem and Lack of confidence

• Sexual Concerns or Difficulties (impotence, internet/pornography/sex addiction, loss of desire, infertility)

• Trauma (including post-traumatic stress disorder)

• Obsessive-compulsive Disorder (OCD)

• Eating Problems (eating habbits, binge eating, negative body image)

• Phobias and Fears

• Addiction and Substance Misuse

• Abuse (including physical, verbal, and sexual abuse)

• Bereavement/Grief/Loss

• Career and Work Goals